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Urdu Flash Cards for Kids


An interactive and encouraging game that helps kids in learning Urdu alphabets. With Urdu Flash Cards for Kids help your toddler and kids learn on how to recognize different alphabets. This fun and interactive games is especially designed for parents, so they can help their preschoolers learn the correct pronunciations and recognition of Urdu alphabets in the best way possible.
Learning Urdu Letters is fun and easy with this teaching tool
Basic Cards:
Swipe through the letter flash cards, and tap on a card to reveal a random word with picture starting with that letter.
Guess Me:
Tap on the random images to guess their relevant letter or words.
Match Them:
Drag and drop the right Urdu alphabet on the image displayed.
Features of Urdu Flash Cards for Kids:
• Urdu Alphabet flash cards help children develop listening skills.• Encouraging Voice Overs to build sense of success• Practice the memory by recognizing different words and letters• Sure to drive interest in toddlers with friendly animations• Simple and Intuitive controls, easy for kids to play
This educational and Urdu alphabet games helps toddlers to use their imagination and memory for effective learning. It also helps them to increase their attention span with amusing animations and sound effects. It provides the perfect place for kids to learn Urdu alphabets.
App Nanny primarily focuses on the right balance between education and fun, it does not provide fun on the expenses of education.